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Who Invented Hook Loop

In 1948, A Swiss mountaineer named George de Mestral was going from side to side the woods and was very irritated by the burs that clung to his dress. As picking them off, he realized that it may be probable to use this law to make a fastener to compete with the zipper.


Everybody laughed at him, except for a weaver at a textile plant in France. Collectively, they considered what they called "locking tape". It was prepared from cotton.


The main difficulty that they faced was group producing it. Complicated equipment was needed. He searched for a answer. Accidentally, de Mestral revealed that nylon, when sewn under infrared light, created permanent Hooks, and the plan was finished.


Next problem - the name. by hook or by crook 'hookless fastener' or 'locking tape' did not seem right. If I were there, I would have recommended a name like 'man made bur tape that sticks to the other side and fastens things together' - a much catchier name.


He liked the echo of "vel" from velvet and "cro" from the French word crochet (meaning hook). And the name Hook Loop fixed, just like those irritating burs. (their legal division wants you to know that Hook Loopis a trademarked name of Hook Loop USA and not a standard name - in other words, they don't create the Hook and Loop fasteners - they make Hook Loop.


By the end of the 1950's, textile looms were churning out sixty million yards of this material a year. Just think how much they make today.


Here's an idea for a new product - Hook Loop (again, Hook Loop is a registered trademark for Hook Loop USA's brand of Hook and Loop fasteners) patches glued to the mouths of people that seem to never shut up. May work....


By the way, Hook Loop (and yet again, Hook Loop is a registered trademark for - you know who - Hook Loop USA - don't confuse them with the Hook and Loop Fasteners Hook Loop has a major problem - the name has become generic. Any day now the U. S. Courts are going to tell them that they no longer have exclusive rights to the trademark any more (probably the main reason they want me to use care with their name.

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