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000000 000033 000066 000099 0000CC
003300 003333 003366 003399 0033CC
006600 006633 006666 006699 0066CC
009900 009933 009966 009999 0099CC
00CC00 00CC33 00CC66 00CC99 00CCCC
00FF00 00FF33 00FF66 00FF99 00FFCC
330000 330033 330066 330099 3300CC
333300 333333 333366 333399 3333CC
336600 336633 336666 336699 3366CC
339900 339933 339966 339999 3399CC
33CC00 33CC33 33CC66 33CC99 33CCCC
33FF00 33FF33 33FF66 33FF99 33FFCC
660000 660033 660066 660099 6600CC
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Hook Loop Sew on Tapes

Amit Hook Loop is a Manufacturer of all types of Hook Loop Products in india as Sew on Tapes, Self Adhesive Tapes, Custom Fabricated Straps, Coins (Circles), Corner Chevrons, Kiss Cut Pieces, Scored Pieces.


Hook & Loop Brand Sew On Tape

Wide range of colors available to custom fit your requirements.Click here to view our standard colour chart.


Amit Hook and Loop fasteners consist of two mating components: Hook and Loop. The woven Loop Tape consists of minute, flexible "Hooks" which engage with a mating Loop tape comprised of small, soft "Loops." When pressed together, the resulting closure is adjustable, highly secure and jam proof. To reopen (cycle), the closure is simply peeled apart. Amit Hook and Loop Tapes are Manufactured by a precise and refined weaving process which ensure uniformity of dimensions and construction.


The standard heavy duty Hoop Loop, made of woven nylon, is planned to assistant to all hook loop. Considered "napped" tape, the Loops are at random oriented which offers better holding power. (Used in 90% of all applications.) Amit Hook and Loop is Manufactured and used on the highest quality sporting goods products. We coat the underside of the hook and loop with the thickest polyurethane back up in the industry. Such facts insure a super-strong shave and peel strength even after 10,000 or more cycles.Hook and Loop components sold separately. 25 meter - Rolls of hook and loop sold separately.


Amit hook loop
Surat, Gujarat, India.
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