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Hook Loop Coins (Circle)

Amit Hook Loop is a Manufacturer of all types of Hook Loop Products in india as Sew on Tapes, Self Adhesive Tapes, Custom Fabricated Straps, Coins (Circles), Corner Chevrons, Kiss Cut Pieces, Scored Pieces.


Hook & Loop Coins Adhesive:

Amit Hook & Loop Coins are round circles of Hook and Loop with the peelings and stick backing. The Hook and Loop Coins come on separate rolls and are the same price. There are special quantities of coins on each thickness roll.


Amit Hook and Loop Coins Adhesive fastener is a professional grade fastener, you won't find a better more reliable product anywhere.


The Amit Hook Loop Self-Adhesive Coins are Hook and Loop fasteners designed for attaching straps to splints. Sold in rolls of 100 pre-cut circles, these items are Hook material.


  • Simply peel off the dots and stick to desired surface.
  • High quality adhesive, suitable for most substrates.
  • Ideal for posters, signs and number plates etc.
  • Round circles of Hook & Loop with peel and stick backing stocked in with permanent    rubber- based adhesive and avaliable acrylic-based.
  • Cut into "coin" - circular pieces of Hook or Loop with self-adhesive backing & a peel-off   release firm (or paper) liner.
  • Can be used on glass, tile, walls, plastic, paper, metal and more,adheres to most smooth   and flat surface.
  • Inner Packing : 25 yd or 25 m per reel and according to the request.
  • Color : White, Black and any color available.


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Amit hook loop
Surat, Gujarat, India.
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